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Details - hockeywerpen Pup Heren

Rank Naam Nr Team Resultaat
1 Meiresonne Lex 687 HAMM 34.75m
2 Van Bogaert Arne 1249 VOLH 34.01m
3 Bos Siebe 50 ACHL 33.87m
4 Allami Zakaria 1873 ABES 32.60m
5 Pauwels Seppo 1895 ACW 31.91m
6 Penneman Emiel 825 ACW 31.32m
7 Van De Gender Nils 1530 ACW 28.56m
8 Boeykens Enzo 378 ACW 27.25m
9 Herregodts Brent 485 AVLO 26.79m
10 Rooms Lennert 697 HAMM 24.56m
11 Stoop Jarne 1480 VOLH 20.26m
12 Van De Velde Ruben 1716 HAMM 19.33m
13 Thielemans Timo 2406 VOLH 15.85m

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