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Details - speerwerpen 400g Min Heren

Rank Naam Nr Team Resultaat
1 Verhulst Ides 4812 ACW 36.79m
2 Verniers Maxim 4556 AVLO 33.06m
3 Dieltjens Dax 5084 HAMM 29.88m
4 Rooms Jentho 4595 ACW 24.79m
5 Pauwels Milan 4246 ACW 24.64m
6 De Bosscher Thomas 4151 ACW 24.13m
7 Ferket Niels 4475 HAMM 20.95m
8 Marin Vince 4935 VOLH 17.50m
9 D'hooghe Lennert 4390 AVLO 11.46m

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